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Vintage Gold on Black Guitar Strap

Vintage Gold on Black Guitar Strap

This amazing vintage fabric was once a French stage costume from around 1920 which I have reimagined as guitar straps.  The appliqué star is also vintage from the same era.   
The idea of these straps is to own something completely different with a vintage vibe that is very cool.  There will be some fraying which is part of the design but there are two rows of stitching on the fabric and a strong suede lining to ensure years of wear.  The ends are crocodile calf and the suede lining is a mustard colour.  
The measurements are 2 3/4 inches wide and adjustable from 46 1/2 inches to 56 1/2.  If you’re wanting the longer length then let me know and I’ll make you a new adjustment strap.
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Thanks for looking.
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