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USA flag and Eagle guitar strap

USA flag and Eagle guitar strap

This unique leather guitar strap was designed and made by myself.  It was truly a work of love and took many hours of patience.  The US flag is stitched from small strips of leather and the stars were hand embroidered on.  The eagle is made of leather carefully paired and stitched together to fit the design.
The guitar strap is all leather, with a blue suede lining to stop slipping.  There is an adjustment strap and also two strap holes in the adjustment strap for a good variety of lengths.  The length is from 50 inches to 56.5 inches long and the strap is 3 inches wide.
This strap is very well constructed and interlinked for strength, making it suitable for electric and bass guitars.
If you are needing a longer strap, let me know and I’ll throw in a longer adjustment strap.
Thanks for looking, I hope you like what you see.
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