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Handmade Guitar Strap

Handmade Guitar Strap

This strap is absolutely beautiful.  It is black leather with a panel of the most amazing silver embroidered on velvet.  The back is a cordovan leather.  This was bought in a London antiques fair by me and if you look at the photos, you will see that it was originally the embroidered round an early 1930/40’s piece that I have up cycled to make this guitar strap!  
What an incredible and unique guitar strap.  Perfect to use on stage as it will reflect the light beautifully.  It is also comfortable and strong, being lined with a cordovan leather that will soften even more with age.
The length is adjustable from 46 to 54 1/2 inches long.  It is 2 3/4 inches wide.
As with all of my guitar straps, I am confident that the quality of the work is excellent.
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