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Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap.  This guitar strap is handmade from leather using black embossed crocodile calf and different leathers to make a wonderful hula girl.  The 3D hula skirt is in a non tear fabric and gives a unique look to this one off piece.  I designed and made this guitar strap using all my leather working skills to create a very unusual and fun strap.
The strap is adjustable in length from 46 1/2  inches to 53 1/2 inches.  It is 2 3/4 inches wide and 1/8 inch deep.
This all leather guitar strap is beautifully soft already and will age well to be super comfortable and last for many years.
I love making unique and unusual guitar straps and hope that you will appreciate the artistry and skills that goes into making them. 
All the leather I use is a byproduct of the meat industry and so no animal has been harmed purely to make this product. As an animal loving vegetarian this is important to me.
Please feel free to message me any questions.
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