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Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap  for sale.  This is a totally unique, handmade One Off Leather guitar strap.  It is made of black Italian leather and features a cut out design with a red padded broken heart loveheart and a white flying cupid with his bow.
I have loved seeing this design through from a paper drawing to the finished article, knowing that it is totally unique and that it takes many years of skills learning to be able to make it.
The guitar strap is adjustable to any length from 45 1/2 to 54 inches.  It is 2 3/4 inches wide and 1 1/8 inch deep.
This is an all leather handmade strap that will age beautifully and soften with use to be super comfortable.
If you need something other than this please let me know and I'll make it up for you.
All my leather is Italian and ethically sourced from the food industry.  As a vegetarian animal lover this is important to me.
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