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Guitar Strap

Guitar Strap

This handmade guitar strap is made out of embossed crocodile leather with panels featuring antique beading on net from around circa 1920.  The beading work was bought in a London antiques fair. 
I love to incorporate unusual fabrics and leather into my guitar straps to create a totally unique item.  This strap features a blue leather lining to the front and the adjustable strap.  
All my straps are fully adjustable in length to provide the perfect fit.  This one measures from 46 inches to 54 inches.  It is 2 3/8 inches wide and barely 1/8 thick.  
This is a super soft guitar strap but it is strong and will age well and last for a long time.
All of the leather used in my straps comes from an Italian company that uses only leather left over from the meat industry .  No animal is killed just for its skin.  As an animal loving vegetarian, this is important to me.

I’m happy to discuss private commissions.
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