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Golden Moon Guitar Strap

Golden Moon Guitar Strap

This beautiful handmade guitar strap features the golden full moon at night, casting its silvery light behind the skeleton of a winter tree.  Inspired by my nighttime walks with my dog.
This unique strap is all leather apart from the moon, which is an antique silk fabric.  It is reinforced so strong and has a nice quilted padding on the shoulder of the suede lining, which is great for non slip.
The strap is 3” wide and adjustable from 49.5”to 59.5” long.  If you need a different length I am happy to make you a new adjustment strap at no extra cost, just let me know.  
I hope you can see the quality of the work from the photos.  I have piped the edges for a top quality look and interlined in places for an even depth.  This strap is soft but strong and suitable for electric guitar and bass.
I hope you enjoy looking at my straps, I sure enjoy making them!  Please see more stories and straps on my One Off Leather Instagram.  You can also check out my 100% 5* feedback on Reverb.
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